Churches of Surrey Index

A guide to Churches and Graveyards in Surrey for family historians
We are collating a comprehensive list of the churches, graveyards and cemeteries in the Ancient County of Surreythe Ancient County means Surrey before the administrative counties were created in 1889 ,
that existed on or after 25th March(New Year's Day) 1688.

If you know of a church or graveyard that we have omitted please do let us know together with its post code so we can add it to this list.

To browse a map of the Ancient Parishesan Ancient Parish is a Church of England parish which had both ecclesiastical and civil functions in the Ancient County of Surrey please go to this page

To browse the Churches and graveyards by local authority area please go to this page


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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Abinger St. James RH5 6JD More Information
Abinger Hammer Mission church room TQ 09753 47423 More Information
Addiscombe Baptist church CR0 6QD  
Addington St. Mary the Virgin CR0 5AS More Information
Addiscombe Our Lady of the Annunciation CR0 7EN More Information
Addiscombe St. Mary Magdalene CR0 6QD More Information
Addlestone Baptist Church KT15 2AN
Addlestone Burial Ground KT15 2XU More Information
Addlestone Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints KT15 2QX
Addlestone Holy Family Church KT15 1BP
Addlestone King's Church KT15 1UL
Addlestone Methodist Church KT15 2AR
Addlestone Salvation Army KT15 1SG
Addlestone St. Augustine KT15 2QX
Addlestone St. Paul KT15 1SJ More Information
Addlestone St. Paul Closed Burial Ground KT15 1SJ More Information
Albury Catholic Apostolic Church TQ 06011 48142 More Information
Albury Saxon Church (St. Peter & St. Paul)
More Information
Albury St. Martha
More Information
Albury St. Peter & St. Paul
More Information
Alfold Baptist Church    
Alfold Cemetery TQ 03681 34057 More Information
Alfold Chapel GU6 8EA More Information
Alfold St. Nicholas GU6 8EU More Information
Anerley Holy Child & St. Anthony of Padua
Artington Bretheren Meeting Hall
Artington St. Catherine's Chapel
Ash Cemetery
More Information
Ash Holy Angels
Ash St. Peter
More Information
Ash Vale Baptist Church    
Ash Vale Christian Assembly GU12 5PA
Ash Vale Gospel Hall GU12 5PA
Ash Vale Methodist Church
Ash Vale St. Mary
Ashford Burial Ground
More Information
Ashtead Baptist Church
Ashtead Free church mission hall
Ashtead St Michael
Ashtead St. Giles KT21 1EN More Information
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Badshot Lea Cemetery GU9 9HX More Information
Badshot Lea Primitive Methodist Church SU 86583 48795 More Information
Badshot Lea St. George GU9 9LD More Information
Bagshot Cemetery SU 90997 62952 More Information
Bagshot Christ the King GU19 5LE More Information
Bagshot Convent of the Poor Clares
Bagshot St. Anne GU19 5EQ More Information
Balham Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ??
Balham Holy Ghost
Balham Ramsden Road Baptist Church
Balham St. John the Divine SW2 1JF
Balham St. Mary
(also known as Streatham St Mary)
Bandon Hill Cemetery
More Information
Banstead All Saints
More Information
Banstead Christ Church
Banstead Mental Hospital
More Information
Banstead Methodist Church
Banstead St. Anne
Banstead United Reformed Church
Barnes Baptist Church SW13 9QL
Barnes Healing church SW13 0QA
Barnes Holy Trinity SW13 9ET
Barnes Methodist Church SW13 0NH
Barnes Old Cemetery TQ2267176115 More Information
Barnes St Michael and All Angels Church SW13 0NX
Barnes St Osmund SW13 9RT
Barnes St. Mary SW13 9HL More Information
Battersea Cemetary SW11 1HE  
Battersea Falcon Grove Hall SW11
Battersea Ridley Hall Evangelical Church SW8 3RD
Battersea The Little Gospel Hall SW11
Battersea New Cemetery @ Morden SM4 4NU More Information
Battersea Northcote Road Baptist Church SW11 6QW
Battersea Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Joseph
Battersea Sacred Heart
Battersea St. George
More Information
Battersea St. Mary
More Information
Battersea St. Paul SW11 1SH  
Battersea Fields St. Saviour SW11 5JT  
Beacon Hill St. Anselm GU26 6PD More Information
Beacon Hill United Reformed Church GU26 6NL More Information
Beare Green Christ Our Hope
Beddington St. Mary
More Information
Bellfields Mission Hall
Bellfields New Hope Centre
Bellfields St. Peter's Shared Church
Belmont St John the Baptist SM2 6DY More Information
Benhilton All Saints
More Information
Bermondsey Bandyleg Walk Burial Ground SE1  
Bermondsey Christ Apostolic Church
Bermondsey East Lane Chapel
Bermondsey Gospel Hall SE16 4RA
Bermondsey Hope Gospel Hall SE16
Bermondsey Ilderton Road Baptist Church
Bermondsey Jamaica Row Congregational Chapel
Bermondsey Long Lane Burial Ground
More Information
Bermondsey Long Lane Quaker Burial Ground
Bermondsey Most Holy Trinity
Bermondsey St. Gertrude
Bermondsey St. James
More Information
Bermondsey St. Mary Magdalen
More Information
Bermondsey (Horsleydown)Butler's Burial Ground SE1 More Information
Bermondsey (Horsleydown) Dipping Alley Burial Ground SE1  
Bermondsey (Horsleydown) Flemish Burial GroundFlemish Burial Ground SE1  
Bermondsey (Horsleydown) Goat’s Yard chapel Ground SE1  
Bermondsey (Horsleydown) Neckinger Road Chapel Burial Ground
More Information
Bermondsey (Horsleydown) St. John SE1 2AL  
Bermondsey (Horsleydown) Tower Bridge (formerly Parish Street) Chapel
Betchworth Burial Ground
More Information
Betchworth Gadbrook Chapel
More Information
Betchworth Gospel Hall
Betchworth St. Michael
More Information
Binscombe Church GU7 3RF More Information
Binscombe Quaker Burial Ground SU 96727 45918 More Information
Bisley St. John the Baptist GU24 9DX More Information
Blackheath Village Congregational Chapel TQ 02979 46085 More Information
Blackheath Village St Martin GU4 8QT More Information
Bletchingley Cemetery
More Information
Bletchingley St. Mark
Bletchingley St. Mary the Virgin
More Information
Blindley Heath St. John the Evangelist
More Information
Borough Cross Bones Burial Ground SE1  
Borough Deadman's Place Burial ground SE1  
Borough Guy’s Hospital burial ground SE1  
Borough Guy’s Hospital Chapel SE1  
Borough Knight’s Burial Ground SE1  
Borough London Road Burial Ground SE1  
Borough Martin's Burial Ground SE1  
Borough Maze Pond Chapel Burial Ground SE1  
Borough Our Lady of La Sallette and St. Joseph
Borough Welsh Congregational Chapel SE1 0EX
Boundstone St. Timothy SU 83400 44140 More Information
Bowlhead Green Congregational Chapel SU 91657 38360 More Information
Box Hill St Andrew
Bramley Cemetery TQ 01197 44421 More Information
Bramley Holy Trinity GU5 0HZ More Information
Bramley St. Thomas More GU5 0HG More Information
Brixton Baptist Church (Kenyon) Solon Road SW2 5UY
Brixton Corpus Christi
Brixton Holy Redeemer SW9 6BU
Brixton Independent Church
Brixton Our Lady of the Rosary SW9 0TQ
Brixton St. Matthew
More Information
Brixton Trinity Congregational Chapel
Brixton Hill Cornwall Road Baptist Chapel  
Brixton Hill Effra Road Chapel SW2 1BZ
Brixton Hill Raleigh Park Baptist Church SW2 1BH
Brixton Hill United Reformed Church SW2 1NR
Brockham Green Chapel
Brockham Green Christ Church
Brookwood Cemetery (London Necropolis)
More Information
Brookwood Kingdom Hall
Brookwood Military Cemetery
More Information
Brookwood Primitive Methodist Church GU21 0AL
Brookwood St Edward the Martyr Orthodox Church
Brookwood St. Saviour
Buckland St. Mary the Virgin
More Information
Burgh Heath St. Mary
Burningfold Baptist Church    
Burpham Holy Spirit
Burpham Primitive Methodist Church
Burpham St. Luke
More Information
Burstow St. Bartholomew
More Information
Busbridge St. John the Baptist GU7 1XA More Information
Byfleet Kingdom Hall
Byfleet Methodist church
Byfleet St. Mary the Virgin KT14 7NF More Information
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Camberley Baptist Church GU15 3EN  
Camberley Heatherside Church GU15 1BB More Information
Camberley High Cross GU15 3SY More Information
Camberley Sandhurst Royal Military Academy GU15 4PQ
Camberley St. George SU 87588 60773 More Information
Camberley St. Michael GU15 3JP More Information
Camberley St. Paul GU15 2AD More Information
Camberley St. Tarcisius GU15 3EY More Information
Camberley, Old Dean St. Martin GU15 4HE More Information
Camberley, Old Dean St. Peter & St John GU15 4ED More Information
Camberwell Aged Pilgrims Asylum Burial Groundl SE25  
Camberwell Albany Road Ebenezer Chapel SE5 7JH
Camberwell Albion Street Rehoboth Chapel  
Camberwell Camden Chapel SE5 7DD
Camberwell Christ Church SE15 1JF More Information
Camberwell Grove Chapel SE5 8RF
Camberwell Denmark Place Baptist SE5 9NR  
Camberwell New Cemetery
More Information
Camberwell New Road Baptist Church    
Camberwell Old Burial Ground
More Information
Camberwell Sacred Heart
Camberwell St. Bartholomew SE16 3BY More Information
Camberwell St. George SE5 7TW More Information
Camberwell St. Giles SE5 8RB More Information
Camberwell Trinity College Mission SE5 7JH
Camberwell Gate Arthur Street Baptist Chapel    
Camberwell Green Chapel
Capel Friends Burial Ground
More Information
Capel Methodist Chapel
Capel St. John the Baptist
More Information
Carshalton All Saints
More Information
Carshalton Holy Cross
Carshalton Beeches The Good Shepherd
Castelnau (Barnes) Mission Hall
Caterham Asylum (St. Lawrence Hospital)
Caterham Baptist Chapel
Caterham Cemetery CR3 6SJ More Information
Caterham Christian Centre
Caterham Methodist church
Caterham Oakhall Church
Caterham Sacred Heart
Caterham St. John the Evangelist
Caterham St. Lawrence CR3 5RA More Information
Caterham St. Mary the Virgin CR3 5RA More Information
Caterham St. Paul CR3 5QJ More Information
Caterham United Reformed Church
Caterham Hill Community Church
Chaldon St. Peter & St. Paul
More Information
Charlotville Addison Hall
Charlwood Mission Hall
Charlwood Providence Chapel RH6 0DA More Information
Charlwood Quaker Burial Ground
Charlwood St. Nicholas
More Information
Cheam Baptist Church SM3 8QB  
Cheam, East, Baptist Church SM1 2SY  
Cheam St. Alban SM1 2JF More Information
Cheam St. Antony's Hospital
Cheam St. Dunstan SM3 8QH More Information
Cheam St. Oswald SM3 9UW More Information
Cheam Common St. Philip
Chelsham Greenlawn memorial Park
Chelsham St. Leonard
More Information
Chertsey All Saints
Chertsey Burial Ground
Chertsey Eastworth Burial Ground
Chertsey St. Anne
Chertsey St. Peter KT16 8AT More Information
Chertsey St. Stephen's Burial Ground
Chertsey Methodist Church
Chertsey Primitive Methodist Church
Chessington St Catherine of Siena KT9 2HY
Chessington St. Mary the Virgin KT9 2DR More Information
Chiddingfold Baptist chapel GU8 4RN More Information
Chiddingfold Cemetery GU8 4UG More Information
Chiddingfold Providence Chapel GU8 4UF More Information
Chiddingfold St. Mary GU8 4SH More Information
Chiddingfold St. Teresa of Avila GU8 4UG More Information
Chilworth Free Church
Chilworth Mission church
Chilworth St. Thomas
More Information
Chilworth The Holy Ghost
Chipstead St. Margaret
More Information
Chobham Cemetery SU 9730461783 More Information
Chobham Gospel Hall GU24 8ND More Information
Chobham St. Lawrence GU24 8AA More Information
Chobham Victorian Cemetery SU 9730461783 More Information
Chobham: Valley End Emmanuel Baptist Church GU24 8TD
Chobham: Valley End St. Saviour SU 95344 63753 More Information
Churt St. John the Evangelist GU10 2HX More Information
Clapham Baptist church SW8 3JL  
Clapham Christ Church SW8 2QJ More Information
Clapham Courland Grove Baptist Church SW8 2PX  
Clapham Grafton Square Baptist church SW4 0DE  
Clapham Holy Spirit SW4 9JU More Information
Clapham Holy Trinity SW4 0QZ More Information
Clapham Park All Saints SW2 5NP More Information
Clapham Park St. Bede SW12 0LF  
Clapham Park St Stephen SW12 0NU More Information
Clapham St. James SW4 9PB More Information
Clapham St. John the Evangelist SW9 9AR More Information
Clapham St. Mary SW4 7AP  
Clapham St. Paul SW4 0DR More Information
Clapham St. Peter SW4 6BX More Information
Clapham St. Saviour SW4 0PP More Information
Clapham St. Vincent de Paul SW11 1JJ  
Claygate Holy Trinity KT10 0JP More Information
Cobham Cemetery
Cobham Sacred Heart
Cobham St. Andrew KY11 3EJ More Information
Coldharbour Christ Church
Colliers Wood St. Joseph SW19 2JF
Compton Cemetery
Compton Congregational Church
Compton St. Mary GU9 8EG More Information
Compton St. Nicholas
More Information
Coulsden Methodist Church
Coulsdon Cane Hill Hospital Cemetery
Coulsdon St. Aidan
Coulsdon St. Andrew
Coulsdon St. Francis of Assisi
Coulsdon St. John the Evangelist
More Information
Coulsdon St. Mary and St Shenouda
Cranleigh Baptist Church GU6 8RT More Information
Cranleigh Cemetery GU6 7AD More Information
Cranleigh Evangelical Free Church TQ 06209 39005 More Information
Cranleigh Jesus Christ the Redeemer of Mankind GU6 7AQ More Information
Cranleigh Methodist Church GU6 8AS More Information
Cranleigh St. Nicholas GU6 8AS More Information
Cranleigh Victoria Hall GU6 8SS More Information
Crowhurst St. George
More Information
Croydon Christ Church (Anglican)
Croydon Christ Church (Methodist)
Croydon East Croydon United Reformed Church
Croydon Friends Burial Ground
Croydon George Street Congregational Chapel
Croydon Mitcham Road Cemetery
Croydon Mitcham Road Crematorium
Croydon Pump Pail Chapel
Croydon Queens Road Cemetery CR0 2PR More Information
Croydon Providence Baptist church CR0 1DG
Croydon Redeemer Croydon
Croydon St. Andrew
Croydon St. James
Croydon St. John the Baptist
More Information
Croydon St. Peter
Croydon Tabernacle CR0 3SL
Croydon Unitarian & Free Christian Church
Cuddington Cemetery
Cuddington St. Mary the Virgin
More Information
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Deepcut St. Barbara Garrison Church GU16 6QT More Information
Deepcut St. Oswald SU 90381 57271 More Information
Dockenfield Good Shepherd GU10 4HU More Information
Dorking Baptist Chapel
Dorking Cemetery RH4 1PP More Information
Dorking Congregational Chapel
Dorking Crossways Community Baptist Chapel
Dorking First Church of Christ Scientist
Dorking Hampstead Road church
Dorking Harvest Community Church
Dorking Muslim Community Association and Mosque
Dorking Plymouth Brethren Meeting House
Dorking Quaker Burial Ground
Dorking St. Joseph
Dorking St. Martin RH4 1DW More Information
Dorking St. Paul
Dorking United Reformed Church
Dormansland Baptist Chapel
Dormansland Claridge House
Dormansland St. John the Evangelist
Downside St. Michael KT11 3NG More Information
Dulwich Burial ground SE21  
Dulwich College Chapel
Dunsfold Baptist church GU8 4LA More Information
Dunsfold St. Mary and All Saints GU8 4LT More Information
Duxhurst Lady Henry Somerset Homes Burial Ground
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Earlsfield St. Gregory the Great
Earlswood Baptist Church
Earlswood Hooley Mission Hall (St John Mission Hall)
Earlswood Jamia Masjid Al Mustafa
Earlswood Meeting Room, Hooley Lane
Earlswood Meeting Room, Woodlands Road
Earlswood St. John the Evangelist
East Cheam Baptist Church SM1 2SY  
East Clandon Cemetery
East Clandon St. Thomas of Canterbury
More Information
East Dulwich Amott Baptist chapel SE15 4HU
East Dulwich Lordship Lane Baptist Church SE22 8JG
East Dulwich St. Anthony of Padua
East Dulwich Tabernacle Baptist Church SE22 0HW
East Dulwich United Reformed Church SE22 8RH
East Horsley Horsley Evangelical Church
East Horsley St. Martin
More Information
East Molesey Baptist church
East Molesey Cemetery KT8 1QR More Information
East Molesey St. Barnabas
East Molesey St. Mary The Virgin KT8 0ST More Information
East Molesey St. Paul KT8 9DR More Information
East Sheen All Saints
More Information
East Sheen Baptist Church SW14 7PY
East Sheen Cemetery
East Sheen Christ Church
More Information
East Sheen Elim Pentacostal Church SW14
East Sheen Our Lady Queen of Peace Church TW10 5AN
Effingham Methodist church
Effingham Our Lady of Sorrows
Effingham St. Lawrence
More Information
Egham St. John the Baptist TW20 9HL More Information
Egham Hythe St. Paul TW18 3HJ More Information
Elephant and Castle Brotherhood of the Cross and Star SE1 6RT
Elephant and Castle Crossways United Reformed Church SE1 5SN
Elstead Our Lady of the Assumption GU8 6DS More Information
Elstead St. James GU8 6LQ More Information
Elstead Thursley Road Cemetery SU 90469 43495 More Information
Elstead United Reformed Church SU 90951 43586 More Information
Elstead Woolfords Lane Cemetery SU 89845 42162 More Information
Englefield Green Cemetery
Englefield Green St. Jude TW20 0BZ More Information
Englefield Green The Assumption of Our Lady
Epsom Baptist Chapel, Church Street
Epsom Bugby Street Baptist Chapel
Epsom Cemetery KT18 5BP More Information
Epsom Christ church
Epsom Christian Fellowship
Epsom Congregational Chapel
Epsom Grace Baptist Chapel
Epsom Islamic Centre
Epsom Methodist church
Epsom St. Barnabas
Epsom St. John
Epsom St. Joseph
Epsom St. Martin
More Information
Epsom United Reformed Church
Esher Christchurch KT10 8QS More Information
Esher Holy Name
Esher St. George KT10 9PX More Information
Esher Green Baptist Church KT10 8NP  
Esher West End St. George KT10 8LY More Information
Ewell Christ Church
Ewell Glyn Hall (Mary Edwards Spiritualist Church)
Ewell Kingdom Hall Banstead Road
Ewell Kingdom Hall London Road
Ewell LDS Epsom Chapel
Ewell St. Clement
Ewell St. Mary
More Information
Ewell St. Michael
Ewell The King's church
Ewell United Reformed Church
Ewhurst Baptist Church GU6 7QA More Information
Ewhurst Cemetery TQ 09121 40298 More Information
Ewhurst St. Peter & St. Paul GU6 7PX More Information
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Farleigh St. Mary
More Information
Farley see Farleigh
Farley Green St Michael GU5 9EE More Information
Farncombe Baptist Church GU7 3EH More Information
Farncombe Gospel Hall GU7 3EG More Information
Farncombe St. John the Evangelist GU7 3EJ More Information
Farncombe Wesleyan Chapel GU7 3LH More Information
Farnham Baptist Church GU9 7HA More Information
Farnham Brambleton Hall GU9 8RR More Information
Farnham Brethren Meeting Hall SU 83020 46201 More Information
Farnham Christian Science Society GU9 7LE More Information
Farnham Ebenezer Chapel SU 84268 47192 More Information
Farnham Emmanuel Church GU9 7QQ More Information
Farnham Friends Meeting Room GU9 8DL More Information
Farnham Green Lane Cemetery GU9 8TQ More Information
Farnham Jubilee Church GU9 8RL More Information
Farnham Methodist Church GU9 7RN More Information
Farnham Park Lane Chapel GU9 7LF More Information
Farnham Pentecostal Full Gospel Church GU9 7QN More Information
Farnham St. Andrew GU9 7PW More Information
Farnham St. Francis GU9 8BS More Information
Farnham St. James GU9 7SJ More Information
Farnham St. Joan of Arc GU9 8DJ More Information
Farnham United Reform Church GU9 7QU More Information
Farnham Vineyard Church GU9 7PT More Information
Farnham West Street Cemetery GU9 7AP More Information
Felbridge St. John the Divine RH19 2QT More Information
Felday Chapel
Fetcham Canon Court Evangelical Church
Fetcham Holy Spirit
Fetcham St. Mary
More Information
Forest Green Congregational Chapel
Forest Green Holy Trinity
More Information
Frensham Baptist Fellowship GU10 3DG More Information
Frensham Pierrepont House (Ellel Ministries) GU10 3DL More Information
Frensham St. Mary the Virgin GU10 3EA More Information
Frimley St. Francis GU15 1EE More Information
Frimley St. Peter GU16 7AQ More Information
Frimley Green St. Andrew GU16 6HY More Information
Furzedown (Streatham) St. Paul
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Gatton St. Andrew
More Information
Godalming Baptist Church GU7 1BA More Information
Godalming Congregational Church GU7 1HY More Information
Godalming Christian Science Church GU71QY More Information
Godalming Friends Meeeting House GU7 1HB More Information
Godalming Gospel Hall GU7  
Godalming Hart‘s Lane (Mint Street) Chapel GU7 1HB More Information
Godalming Kingdom Hall GU7 1BP More Information
Godalming Meadrow Chapel GU7 3JB More Information
Godalming New Cemetery (Eashing Lane) GU7 2NT More Information
Godalming Old Cemetery (Nightingale Road) GU7 2PG More Information
Godalming Primitive Methodist Chapel GU7 1HE More Information
Godalming Salvation Army Hall GU7 1HB More Information
Godalming St. Edmund King and Martyr GU7 1DB More Information
Godalming St. Peter & St. Paul GU7 1ET More Information
Godalming United Church GU7 3DU More Information
Godstone Baptist Church
Godstone St. Mary
Godstone St. Nicholas
More Information
Goldsworth Park St. Andrew
Goldsworth Park War memorial
Gomshall Chapel
Gomshall St Augustine's Coptic Orthodox Church
Graffham St. Andrew GU5 0LH More Information
Grayswood All Saints GU27 2DB More Information
Great Bookham Baptist
Great Bookham Eastwick Road Church
Great Bookham St. Nicholas
More Information
Guildford All Saints
Guildford Baptist Church
Guildford Bethel Strict Baptist Chapel
Guildford Broadwater Crematorium
Guildford Cathedral
Guildford Chertsey Street Baptist Church
Guildford Castle Street Baptist Chapel
Guildford Christ Church GU1 2AZ More Information
Guildford Friends Meeting House
Guildford Holy Trinity
More Information
Guildford Independant Congregational Chapel
Guildford Kingdom Hall
Guildford Methodist Church
Guildford Providence Chapel
Guildford Quaker Burial Ground
Guildford Salvation Army Citadel
Guildford St. Joseph
Guildford St. Martha On The Hill
More Information
Guildford St. Mary
More Information
Guildford St. Nicolas
More Information
Guildford St. Peter
Guildford St. Saviour GU1 4QD More Information
Guildford Stoke New Cemetery
Guildford Stoke Old Cemetery
Guildford Synagogue
Guildford The Mount
Guildford United Reformed Church
Guildford Ward Street Chapel
Guildford Park Church
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Hackbridge and North Beddington All Saints
Hackbridge Primitive Methodist chapel SM6 7HF
Hale Bethel Baptist Church GU9 0QA More Information
Hale Methodist Church GU9 0PA More Information
Hale St. John the Evangelist GU9 9AB More Information
Ham Christian Centre TW10 7LN
Ham St. Andrew TW10 5HG More Information
Ham St. Richard TW10 7NL
Ham St. Thomas Aquinas TW10 7HT
Hambledon St. Peter GU8 4DS More Information
Hascombe St. Peter GU8 4JD More Information
Haslemere Holy Cross GU27 1NQ More Information
Haslemere Hope Chapel
More Information
Haslemere Kingdom Hall
More Information
Haslemere Methodist Church
More Information
Haslemere Our Lady of Lourdes GU27 1BS More Information
Haslemere St. Bartholomew GU27 1BS More Information
Haslemere St. Christopher GU27 1DD More Information
Haslemere Three Counties Church GU27 2QA More Information
Haslemere United Reformed Church SU 90246 32895 More Information
Haslemere Weycombe Road Cemetery GU27 1EL More Information
Hatchem St. James
More Information
Hatchem St. Michael
Hatchem Park All Saints
Hatchem Park St. Catherine
Hatchford St. Matthew
Headley Old Church
Headley St. Mary the Virgin
More Information
Heath End Holy Family GU9 0LH
Herne Hill Baptist Church SE24 9HU
Herne Hill St. Philip and St. James
Herne Hill St. Philip and St. James SE24 0BS
Hersham All Saints
Hersham Burvale cemetery
Hersham Cemetery
Hersham St. Peter KT12 4AA More Information
Hinchley Wood St. Christopher KT10 0AQ More Information
Hindhead Brethren Meeting Hall
Hindhead St. Alban GU26 6RB More Information
Hindhead Tower Road United Reformed Church SU 88522 35550 More Information
Holmbury St. Mary the Virgin
More Information
Honor Oak Crematorium KT9 1PF
Hook St. Paul KT9 1PF
Hookwood Kingdom Hall
Hooley St. Margaret
Horley Baptist Church
Horley Baptist Church Abbey Road
Horley Cemetery
Horley English Martyrs
Horley Gatwick Islamic Centre
Horley Grove Meeting Room
Horley Lee Baptist Burial Ground
Horley Lee Street Church
Horley Meeting Room Whitmore Way
Horley Methodist Church
Horley Southlands Christian Church
Horley St. Bartholomew
More Information
Horley St. Francis
Horley St. Wilfred
Horne St. Mary the Virgin
More Information
Horsell Evangelical Church
Horsell Salvation Army Hall
Horsell St. Mary the Virgin
More Information
Horsell Common Antonys Baptist Chapel
Horsell Common Antonys Baptist Church
Horsell Common Baptist Church
Horsell Common Muslim Military Cemetery
Horton Estate Cemetery
Howell Hill St Paul
Hurst Green Evangelical Free Church
Hurst Green Methodist Church
Hurst Green St Agatha's Mission Hall
Hurst Green St John the Evangelist
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Kenley All Saints
Kennington Calisle Chapel
Kennington Salvation Army  
Kennington St. John the Divine SW9 6JA
Kennington St. Mark SE11 4PW
Kew Baptist Church
Kew Our Lady of Loreto and St. Winefride
Kew Rayleigh Road United Church
Kew St. Anne
More Information
Kew St. Luke TW9 2AJ
Kingston on Thames All Saints
More Information
Kingston on Thames Cemetery
More Information
Kingston on Thames John Bunyan Church KT2 6RJ
Kingston on Thames Kings Church KT1 2QX
Kingston on Thames Kingsgate Church KT1 1QT
Kingston on Thames Providence Chapel, Richmond Road  
Kingston on Thames Quaker Burial ground
Kingston on Thames St. Agatha KT2 5JR
Kingston on Thames St. Ann
Kingston on Thames St. George KT2 6BD
Kingston on Thames St. John KT1 2SU
Kingston on Thames St. Luke KT2 6AB
Kingston on Thames Union Street Baptist Chapel KT1 1RP
Kingston on Thames United Reformed Church KT1 1HZ
Kingston Vale St. John the Baptist SW15 3PY More Information
Kingswood St. Andrew KT20 6QE More Information
Knaphill Baptist Church
Knaphill Holy Trinity
More Information
Knaphill Methodist Church
Knaphill Providence Baptist Church
Knaphill St. Hugh of Lincoln GU21 2AA More Information
Knaphill Wat Phra Dhammakaya London
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Lambeth: Chapel of the Asylum for female orphans  
Lambeth Oasis SE1 7QP
Lambeth St. John
Lambeth St. Mary SE1 7LB More Information
Lambeth Surrey Chapel SE1 8NJ
Lambeth (Tooting) Cemetery
Langley Vale St Stephen on the Downs
Leatherhead All Saints
Leatherhead Christ Church
Leatherhead Kingdom Hall
Leatherhead Kings Croft Chapel
Leatherhead Light and Life Evangelical church
Leatherhead Methodist Church
Leatherhead Mount Zion Chapel
Leatherhead Our Lady and St Peter
Leatherhead Randalls Park Cemetery & Crematorium
Leatherhead St. Mary and St Nicholas KT22 8BD More Information
Leigh St. Bartholomew
More Information
Lightwater All Saints GU18 5SJ More Information
Lightwater Cemetery GU18 5RG More Information
Limpsfield Chapel
Limpsfield St. Peter
More Information
Limpsfield Chart Pains Hill Chapel
Limpsfield Chart St. Andrew
Lingfield Baptist Chapel
Lingfield Methodist Chapel
Lingfield Salem Chapel
Lingfield St. Bernard
Lingfield St. Peter and St. Paul
More Information
Little Bookham All Saints
More Information
Littleton St. Francis
Littlewick St Thomas Mission Church
Long Ditton Cemetery
Long Ditton St. Mary
More Information
Longcross Christ Church KT16 0DU More Information
Lower Ashtead St. George
Lower Bourne Brethren Meeting Room GU10 3PU More Information
Lower Bourne St. Martin by the Green GU10 3PN More Information
Lower Bourne St. Michael GU10 3PU More Information
Lower Bourne: Bourne Congregational Chapel SU 84634 44784 More Information
Lower Kingswood Church of the wisdom of God KT20 7DH More Information
Lower Kingswood Evangelical Free Church
Lower Norwood Congregational Church
Lower Tooting St. Nicholas Graveney
Lowfield Heath St. Michael
Lyne Holy Trinity KT16 0AJ More Information
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Margery Mission Hall
Maybury Church of the Holy Cross
Maybury Courtney Free Church
Maybury Shah Jahan Mosque
Maybury St Paul
Mayford Baptist Chapel
Mayford Emmanuel Church
Meadvale Jireh Strict Baptist Chapel
Meadvale Meadvale Hall
Meadvale Methodist Church
Merrow Methodist Church
Merrow St Pius X
Merrow St. John the Evangelist
More Information
Merstham Baptist Church
Merstham Canada Hall
Merstham Church of the Epiphany
Merstham St. Katherine
More Information
Merstham St. Teresa
Merton Morden Rd Congregational Church
Merton St John SW19 2NE
Merton St John Fisher SW20 9DB
Merton St. James the Apostle
Merton St. Mary the Virgin SW19 3HJ More Information
Mickleham St. Michael
More Information
Middle Bourne St. Thomas on the Bourne GU9 8HZ More Information
Milford Baptist Church
Milford Cemetery GU8 5BN More Information
Milford St. John the Evangelist GU8 5JA More Information
Milford St. Joseph GU8 5DP More Information
Mitcham Baptist Church CR4 2JD
Mitcham Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints CR4 4ED
Mitcham Elim Pentacostal Church CR4 3AU
Mitcham London Road cemetery CR4 3LA More Information
Mitcham St. Olave
Mitcham St. Peter & St. Paul CR4 3BL More Information
Mitcham St. Peter and St. Paul Roman Catholic CR4 4LD  
Mitcham Zion Chapel
Mitcham Junction Gospel Hall CR4 4JW
Molesey Cemetery KT8 1QR More Information
Morden Baptist Church SM4 5BL
Morden Battersea New Cemetery SM4 4NU More Information
Morden Emmanuel SM4 4rj More Information
Morden Merton and Sutton Joint Cemetery
Morden Merton and Sutton Joint Cemetery
Morden St Teresa of the Child Jesus SM4 6BZ
Morden St. George SM4 5RT More Information
Morden St. Lawrence SM4 5QT More Information
Morden St. Martin SM4 4JN More Information
Morden Park Baptist Church SM4 4SP
Mortlake Hammersmith Crematorium TW9 4EN
Mortlake Hammersmith New cemetery TW9 4EW More Information
Mortlake Old Cemetery SW14 8BP More Information
Mortlake St. Mary Magdalene SW14 8PR More Information
Mortlake St. Mary the Virgin SW14 8JA More Information
Motspur Park Holy Cross
Mugswell Mission Hall
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Netherne (near Hooley) Mental Hospital
New Addington Good Shepherd
New Addington St. Edward
New Haw All Saints
New Malden Bapist Church KT3 5BE
New Malden Christ Church KT3 4RE
New Malden London Shephard Church KT3 4JN
New Malden St. James
New Malden St. Joseph KT3 3QW
New Malden United Reformed Church KT3 6DN
Newchapel Temple
Newdigate St. Peter
More Information
Newington Lock Burial Ground SE1
Newington New Bunhill Fields SE1
Newington St. Mary SE11 4JQ More Information
Newington St. Wilfred
Norbiton Primitive Methodist chapel KT1 3DW
Norbiton St Pius X KT1 3SB
Norbiton St. Peter KT2 6QL
Norbury St. Batholomew SW16 5DE
Nork St. Paul
Normandy Congregational Chapel
Normandy Emmanuel Church
North Brixton Christ Church Brixton Road SW9 6BE
North Holmwood St John the Evangelist
North Sheen Fulham New Cemetery
North Sheen (Kew) St. Philiip the Apostle and All Saints
Norwood Mission chapel
Nunhead Cemetery
Nunhead St. Thomas the Apostle
Nutfield Cemetery
Nutfield St. Peter & St. Paul
More Information
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Oakwood Chapel of St. John the Baptist
More Information
Ockford Ridge St Mark
Ockham All Saints
More Information
Ockley Cemetery
Ockley St. John
Ockley St. Margaret
More Information
Okewood St. John the Baptist
More Information
Old Coulsdon St. Mary help of Christians
Old Malden St. John the Baptist
More Information
Old Woking New Life Church
Old Woking St. Peter GU22 9JE More Information
Onslow Village All Saints
Oxshott St. Andrew KT22 0LE More Information
Ottershaw Christ Church
Outwood Baptist Chapel
Outwood St. John the Baptist
More Information
Oxted All Saints
Oxted Beadles Lane Gospel Hall
Oxted Burial Ground
Oxted Church of the Peace of God
Oxted First Church of Christ Scientist
Oxted Friends Meeting House
Oxted King's Church
Oxted St. Mary
More Information
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Park Barn(Guildford) St Clare GU2 8LF More Information
Parkgate Mission Hall
Peaslake Cemetery
Peaslake St. Mark
Peasmarsh St Michael
Peckham All Saints SE15 4QS
Peckham Friends Meeting House SE5 8FD
Peckham Hanover Chapel
Peckham, Mizpah
Peckham, Peckham Park Road Baptist church SE15 6SX
Peckham Our Lady of Sorrows
Peckham, Rye Lane Chapel SE15 5EX
Peckham Rye Tabernacle Baptist Church SE15 4NP
Peckham St Chrysostom SE15 6SS
Peckham St. James the Great SE24 0BS
Peckham St Jude SE15 2UN
Peckham South London Tabernacle  
Peckham Baptist Tabernacle
Penge Baptist Tabernacle SE20 8LP
Peper Harrow St. Nicholas GU8 6BQ More Information
Perry Hill Congregational Mission Hall
Petersham St. Peter TW10 7AB More Information
Pirbright Providence Mission Chapel
Pirbright St. Michael & All Angels
More Information
Pixham St Mary the Virgin
Pollards Hill St Michael CR4 1LS 
Purley Baptist Church CR8 3EA
Purley Christ Church
Purley Friends Meeting House
Purley St. Barnabus
Purley St. John the Baptist
Purley St. Swithun
Putney New Cemetery
Putney Old Burial Ground
Putney Our Lady of Pity and St. Simon Stock
Putney St. Margaret
Putney St. Mary
More Information
Putney Vale Cemetery SW15 3DZ
Puttenham Cemetery
Puttenham St. John the Baptist
More Information
Pyrford Church of the Good Shepherd
Pyrford St. Nicholas
More Information
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Ranmore Common St. Barnabas
More Information
Raynes Park Dundonald church SW20 8SA
Raynes Park St. Saviour
Redhill Al-Yaqeen Masjid
Redhill Baptist Church
Redhill Holy Trinity
Redhill Hope Chapel
Redhill Methodist Church
Redhill Redstone Cemetery
Redhill Salvation Army Hall
Redhill Shrewsbury Chapel
Redhill St. Joseph
Redhill St. Mathew
Redhill Strict Baptist Chapel
Redhill United Reformed Church
Reigate ??
Reigate Cemetery
Reigate Friends Burial ground
Reigate Heath Church
Reigate Holy Family
Reigate Kingdom Hall
Reigate Lesbourne Road Primitive Methodist Church
Reigate Methodist Church
Reigate Mill Church
Reigate Park Church
Reigate St. Luke RH2 8HY More Information
Reigate St. Mark
Reigate St. Mary Magdalene
More Information
Reigate St. Philip
Reigate Subud Hall
Reigate Woodlands Chapel
Richmond Bethleham Chapel TW10 6SE
Richmond Cemetery
Richmond Christian Fellowship TW10 6AW
Richmond Duke Street Church TW9 1DH
Richmond Ebenezer Strict Baptist Chapel TW9 2TJ
Richmond First Church of Christ Scientist TW9 1AD
Richmond Friends Meeting House
Richmond Holy Trinity Church TW9 1UP
Richmond Richmond and Putney Unitarian Church TW9 1UP
Richmond St. Elizabeth
Richmond St. John the Divine TW9 2PE
Richmond St. Mary Magdalene TW9 1SN More Information
Richmond St. Matthias TW10 6LS
Richmond Salem Chapel, Parkshot TW9 2RD
Richmond Vineyard Life TW10 6AQ
Richmond Green United Reformed church TW9 1DH
Riddlesdown St. Edmund
Riddlesdown St. James
Ripley Ebenezer Chapel
Ripley Methodist Chapel
Ripley St. Mary Magdalene
More Information
Roehampton St. Joseph
Rotherhithe All Saints SE16 7BN
Rotherhithe Christ Church SE1  
Rotherhithe Finnish Church and Seamn's Mission SE16 7HZ
Rotherhithe Holy Trinity SE16 7HZ
Rotherhithe St. Joseph
Rotherhithe St. Mary
More Information
Rowledge St. James GU10 4EN More Information
Rowledge Methodist Church
Rydes Hill St Mary
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Salfords Christ the King
Sanderstead All Saints
More Information
Sanderstead Holy Family
Sanderstead St. Mary
Sands The Good Shepherd
Seale St. Laurence
More Information
Selsdon St Columba
Selsdon- Selsdon Ward
Send Cemetery GU23 7ET
Send Evangelical Church
Send St William of York
Send St. Mary the Virgin
More Information
Shackleford St. Mary the Virgin
More Information
Shalford Cemetery GU4 8JG More Information
Shalford Methodist Church
Shalford St. Mary the Virgin
More Information
Shalford Wesleyan Chapel
Shamley Green Christ Church
Shamley Green Congregational Church
Sheerwater St. Michael
Shepperton Cemetery
Shere Cemetery
Shere Harry Edwards Spiritual Healing Sanctuary
Shere Quaker Burial Ground
Shere St. James
More Information
Shirley All Saints
Shirley St. George
Shirley St. John the Evangelist
Shottermill St. Stephen GU27 1NS More Information
Shottermill Cemetery
Sidlow Bridge Emmanuel
More Information
Smallfield Church Hall
Smallfield Ebenezer Chapel
Smallfield Evangelical church
South Beddington St. Michael and All Angels
South Croydon Croham Road Baptist church CR2 7BA
South Croydon St. Augustine
South Croydon St. Gertrude
South Earlswood Tollgate Evangelical Church
Southfields Baptist church SW18 5RH
South Godstone St. Stephen
South Godstone Surrey Assembly Hall
South Holmwood Hope chapel
South Holmwood St. Mary Magdelene
South Merstham All Saints
South Norwood Baptist church SE25 6TY
South Norwood Clifton Hall
South Norwood Denmark Road Gospel Hall
South Norwood Holmesdale Road Baptist church
South Norwood St Chad
South Norwood United Reformed Church
South Nutfield Christ Church
South Wimbledon St. Winefride SW19 1EP
Southwark Christ Church
Southwark Christ Church Additional Burying Ground SE1  
Southwark Church of Precious Blood
Southwark College Yard Burying Ground SE1  
Southwark Collier’s Rents Burial ground
Southwark Congregational Chapel
Southwark Duke Street Chapel Burying Ground SE1  
Southwark Ewer Street Burial Ground SE1  
Southwark Holy Trinity
Southwark Kent Street Chapel
Southwark Magdalen Hospital Chapel
Southwark New Grotto Burial Ground SE1
Southwark St. George Cathedral
Southwark St. George the Martyr
Southwark St. Olave
Southwark St. Saviour SE1 9DA More Information
Southwark St. Thomas
St Helier Bishop Andrews SM5 1RG More Information
St Helier St. Francis
St Helier St. Peter SM4 6BT More Information
Stafford Wood (Limpsfield) St. Silvan
More Information
Staines Cemetery TW18 1XB
Staines St. Mary
More Information
Stanwell Burial Ground TW9 7PS
Stockwell Congregational Chapel Burial Ground
Stockwell St. Francis of Sales and St. Gertrude SW4 6SP
Stockwell St. Michael
Stockwell Green United Reformed Church SW9 9JQ
Stoke D'Abernon St. Mary
More Information
Stoke-Next-Guildford St. John
More Information
Stoneleigh Baptist Church
Stoneleigh Methodist Church
Stoneleigh Sri Raja Rajeswari Amman Temple
Stoneleigh St John the Baptist
Stoughton Emmanuel Church GU2 9SJ More Information
Stoughton Manor Road Evangelical Church    
Stoughton Methodist Church
Stoughton New Life Baptist Church
Streatham Baptist Church Mitcham Lane SW16 6NT
Streatham Cemetery SW17 0BY
Streatham English Martyrs
Streatham Immanuel & St. Anselm
Streatham New Park Road Baptist Church SW2 4LH  
Streatham Park Jewish Cemetery SW16 5JG
Streatham Park South London Cremetorium SW16 5JG
Streatham St. Anselm
Streatham St. Leonard SW16 1HS More Information
Streatham United Reformed Church SW16 6HX
Streatham & Brixton Friends Meeting House SW2 3LU
Streatham Hill Congregational Chapel
Streatham Hill St. Simon and St. Jude
Streatham Park Cemetery SW16 5JG
Streatham Park Jewish Cemetery SW16 5JG
Streatham Vale Holy Redeemer
Sunbury Cemetery TW16 6NW
Surbiton Balaclava Road Baptist Church KT6 5PW
Surbiton Cemetery
Surbiton New Life Baptist Church KT6 6LN
Surbiton Hill Baptist Church KT6 6LN
Surbiton St. Andrew KT6 4DS
Surbiton St. Ann KT2 7LX
Surbiton St. Mark KT6 4LS
Surbiton St. Raphael KT1 2NA
Sutton Baptist Church SM1 1SN
Sutton Belmont Baptist church SM1 1SN
Sutton Cemetery
Sutton Christ Church SM2 5TN More Information
Sutton Our Lady of the Rosary
Sutton Primitive Methodist chapel SM1 4PJ
Sutton St. Barnabus SM1 4NP More Information
Sutton St. Nicholas SM1 1ST More Information
Sutton Green All Souls GU4 7QF More Information
Sutton Place St. Edward the Confessor
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Tadworth Bethel Chapel
Tadworth Good Shepherd
Tadworth Merland Rise Church
Tadworth St John the Evangelist
Tandridge St. Peter
More Information
Tatsfield New Gospel Hall
Tatsfield St. Mary
More Information
Tatsfield United Church
Tattenham Corner St Mark's United church
Telford Park St Thomas SW12 0NU
Thames Ditton Our Lady of Lourdes
Thames Ditton St. Nicholas
More Information
Thornton Heath Beulah Baptist Church CR7 8JL
Thornton Heath Chapel
Thornton Heath Christadelphian Hall
Thornton Heath St Andrew
Thorpe Cemetery
Thorpe St. Mary TW20 8TQ More Information
Thursley St. Michael GU8 6QQ More Information
Tilford All Saints GU10 2DA More Information
Tilford Tilford House Chapel
Titsey St. James
More Information
Tolworth Our Lady Immaculate KT6 7DG
Tolworth St. George
Tolworth United Reformed Church KT5 9JR
Tongham Christian Fellowship
Tongham St. Paul
More Information
Tooting Chapel
Tooting (Upper Tooting) Trinity Road Chapel SW17 7HW
Tooting Defoe Nonconformist Chapel
Tooting Tooting Junction Baptist Church SW17 7HW
Tooting Our Lady of the Assumption
Tooting St. Augustine
Tooting St. Nicholas Graveney
More Information
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Upper Hale St. Mark GU9 0JH More Information
Upper Hale Cemetery GU9 0LR More Information
Upper Norwood All Saints
Upper Norwood SS. Constantine and Helen SW12 0NU
Upper Norwood St John the Evangelist
Upper Norwood Virgo Fidelis
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Vauxhall St. Anne
Vauxhall St. Peter
Virginia Water Christ Church GU21 4PT More Information
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Church or graveyard Postcode
or approximate Grid reference
More Information
Waddon St. Dominic
Wallington Queens Road Baptist Church SM6 0AG
Wallington St. Patrick
Walton on Thames Cemetery
Walton on Thames Baptist Church
KT12 2RG
Walton on Thames St. Erconwald
KT12 2TA
Walton on Thames St. John
Walton on Thames St. Mary KT12 2QS More Information
Walton on the Hill Christchurch United Reformed Church
Walton on the Hill Kosmon Sanctuary
Walton on the Hill St. Peter
More Information
Walworth Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints SE17 3BH
Walworth East Street Baptist Chapel Ground SE17  
Walworth English Martyrs SE17 1RA
Walworth St. Alban
Walworth St. Peter SE17 2HH
Walworth York Street Chapel
Wanborough St. Bartholomew GU3 2JR More Information
Wandsworth All Saints
More Information
Wandsworth East Hill Baptist Church SW18 2HD
Wandsworth Garrat Lane Burial ground
Wandsworth Mount Nod Burial Ground
Wandsworth St. Thomas of Canterbury
Warlingham All Saints
More Information
Warlingham Free Church
Warlingham Methodist Church
Warlingham St Ambrose
Warlingham St. Christopher
More Information
Warlingham Westhall Road Meeting Room
Warlingham Park Hospital TQ373595
Warwick Wold St Andrew
Waterloo St John SW4 6SP
Waterloo St. Patrick
Waverley Abbey GU9 0JA More Information
West Byfleet Our Lady Help of Christians
West Byfleet St. John the Baptist KT14 6EH More Information
West Byfleet United Reformed Church
West Clandon Cemetery
West Clandon St. Peter & St. Paul
More Information
West Croydon Baptist Church CR0 2JH
West Croydon Methodist Church
West Croydon Our Lady of Reparation (St Mary)
West Croydon St. Mary
West Dulwich All Saints SE21 8JY
West End Holy Trinity GU24 9QT More Information
West Ewell All Saints
West Ewell Evangelical Church
West Ewell Ruxley Church
West Ewell Ruxley Methodist
West Ewell St Francis of Asissi
West Horsley Methodist Church
West Horsley St. Mary
More Information
West Humble Chapel
West Humble St Michael
West Molesey Cemetery KT8 1QR More Information
West Molesey St. Peter
More Information
West Norwood Chatsworth Road Baptist Church SE27 9HN  
West Norwood Congregational Church
West Norwood Gipsy Road Baptist Church
West Norwood South Metropolitan Cemetery
West Norwood St. Luke SE11 4PW
West Norwood St. Matthew
West Wimbledon Christ Church
Westborough(Guildford) Church
Westborough(Guildford) Hall
Westborough(Guildford) St. Francis GU2 8BU More Information
Westcott Holy Trinity
More Information
Westcott St. John (Countess of Huntingdon Connexion)
Westfield St. Mark
Weston All Saints KT10 8JL More Information
Weybridge Cemetery
Weybridge Christ the Prince of Peace
Weybridge St. Charles Borromeo (French Royal Tombs)
Weybridge St. James KT13 8DF More Information
Weybridge St. Michael
Whyteleafe St. Luke
Whyteleafe St. Thomas of Canterbury
Wimbledon Bethel Baptist Church
Wimbledon Central Hall
Wimbledon Elim Pentacostal Church SW19 2JY
Wimbledon Gap Road Cemetery
Wimbledon Haydon Park Baptist Church
Wimbledon Hillside Church SW19 4JZ
Wimbledon Quaker Meeting House SW19 4EL
Wimbledon Queens Road Baptist Church SW19 8LR
Wimbledon Sacred Heart SW19 4LU
Wimbledon St. Mary SW19 7BP More Information
Wimbledon Park Christ the King
Wimbledon Park St Luke SW19 8BZ
Windlesham Cemetery GU20 6BL More Information
Windlesham St. Alban SU 94306 66008 More Information
Windlesham St. John GU20 6BL More Information
More Information
Witley All Saints GU8 5PN More Information
Witley Gospel Hall
Woking Calvary Church
Woking Christ Church
Woking Coign Church
Woking Crematorium GU21 1TJ
Woking Emmanuel Chapel
Woking First Church of Christ Scientist
Woking Friends Meeting House
Woking Goldsworth Road Meeting Room
Woking Goldsworth Road Baptist Church
Woking Gospel Hall
Woking Inkerman Barracks St. Dunstan
Woking Onslow Hall
Woking Spiritualist Church
Woking St. Dunstan
Woking John the Baptist
More Information
Woking St. Mary of Bethany
Woking Trinity Methodist Church
Woking United Reformed Church
Woking Vineyard Church
Woking Word of Life Church
Woldingham St. Agatha
More Information
Woldingham St. Paul
Wonersh Cemetery
More Information
Wonersh St. John
Wonersh St. John Baptist GU5 0PG More Information
Wonersh United Reformed Church
Wood Street Village St. Alban
Woodham All Saints
Woodham Heathervale Baptist Church KT15 3NW
Woodhatch Reigate Baptist Church
Woodhatch Sandcross Church
Woodhatch St Peter
Woodmansterne Baptist Church
Woodmansterne St. Peter
More Information
Woodside Green Christian Centre
Worcester Park St Mary the Virgin
Worcester Park Primitive Methodist chapel KT4 8LG
Worcester Park St Philip
Worcester Park St. Matthias
Wormley Brethren Meeting Hall
Wormley Wormley Hill Chapel
Worplesdon Quaker Burial Ground GU3 3PB
Worplesdon St. Mary
More Information
Worplesdon United Reformed Church
Wotton St. John the Evangelist
More Information
Wreccelsham Grace Church GU9 7HA More Information
Wrecclesham Congregational Mission Hall
Wrecclesham St. Peter GU10 4PY More Information
Wyke St. Mark GU3 2DA More Information
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